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2 luminaire sizes

Avanza 450 / Avanza 600

Avanza overview

Pole top or pole attachment luminaire
for design or standard poles

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Selux Cross Beam Technology

Optimum visibility — pleasant sensation

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Comfort Optic

  • factory installed onto LED cluster
  • reduces luminance's by widening luminous ares
  • increases visual comfort with low light spot heights
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One luminaire concept for varied application areas.

  • street lighting
  • lighting for pavement and cycle paths
  • lighting for squares and parking space
  • lighting for pedestrian crossing

Roadway/pavement combination for urban squares and parking spaces for complex street profiles

  • Avanza 600/450 combined assembly
  • light distribution asymmetrical street
  • light spot height up to 10m
  • light spot height/ pole distance ratio up to 1:6

Squares and parking zones

  • Avanza 600 double bracket
  • light distribution asymmetrical flood
  • forward casting width: LPH × 1,5
  • sideway pole distance: LPH × 3

Save energy costs with professional control

Avanza luminaires can be switched and dimmed across DALI interface. Through the use of intelligent control, the light is individually adjusted as required.

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Correlated color temperatures (CCT)

  • 3,000 K
  • 4,000 K

Toolless – Ease of use.

Highly efficient and suitable for everyday use: the luminaire can be opened without use of any tools via an elbow lever lock. This allows system components like the electrical and its LED units to be simply replaced. 

Technical information


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Selux quality

State-of-the-art and long-life materials

Service and warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

  • 5 year warranty on project registration at selux.com.

Kruglikovs-kaja at stadium krasnodar


  •  Avanza 600

Am westhafen wismar


  •  Avanza 450

outlet the pike long beach CA


  •  Avanza 450

Pont de la Croix de Pierre

Toulouse, France

  • Avanza 600 / 450

station forecast

Binz on Rügen, Germany
  • Avanza 600 / 450


  • Avanza 450


  •  Avanza 450 wall luminaire


  •  Avanza 600


  •  Avanza 600