Historical fixtures 


Schupmann fixture

Replica of the historic Berlin Schupmann fixture of 1888 with modern lighting technology.

  •  Pariser Platz Berlin, Germany


Hardenberg fixture

The replica of the historic Wilhelmine Hardenberg luminaire is 14 m high and a richly ornamented decorative fixture. Cast using faithful replicas taken from the original wooden molds, the new Hardenberg fixtures are also sited in Krefeld, Amsterdam and Singapore.

  •  Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Germany

Witzleben fixture

The model for the Witzleben fixture has stood nearby Luisenplatz in Berlin since the beginning of the 20th century. Although the fixture is historic it meets the exacting requirements of modern lighting technology and allows for especially large pole spacing.

  •  Spandauer Damm Berlin, Germany

trocadero fixture

Classic pendant luminaire in two sizes with 1" luminaire connection, can be combined with various brackets.

  •  Schloßstraße Berlin, Germany

Bad Kissingen fixture

Adapted from a historical design luminaire shape with a bishop’s crosier type pole and modest ornaments. Originally designed for the spa town of Bad Kissingen, variants of the fixture can be seen in the historical warehouse district of Hamburg as well as in Berlin.

  •  Ludwigstraße Bad Kissingen, Germany

Historical lanterns


Grachten lanterns

For refurbishing Amsterdam’s ‘grachten’ and the entire historical old City centre, replicas of the original Kroonlantaarns and Ritterlantaarns were developed. In both lanterns, a specially-developed specular golden coloured secondary reflector ensures a non-glare, warm white light.

  •  Hermitage Amsterdam, Netherlands

Corona lantern

Adaptation of a historical gas lantern with classical decorative elements, clustered columns and pole.

  •  Pariser Platz Berlin, Germany

Steglitz lantern

Historicizing Berlin city lantern from the district of Steglitz.

  •  Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

Histo lantern

Classic pendant luminaire in two sizes with 1" luminaire connection, can be combined with various brackets.

  •   St. Exupery, Frankreich

new Palais

The copper lanterns in front of the New Palais in Potsdams Park Sanssouci are replicas of former gas lanterns - now with LED technology.

  •  Potsdam, Germany

Charlotten-burger Tor

Illumination of the reconstructed entrance pylons of the street of 17.Juni in addition of four Bad Kissingen fixtures.

  • Straße des 17. Juni Berlin, Germany

dragon light

Modern interpretation of the historical dragon lamp from Copenhagen – design West 8 landscape architects.

  • America Place Copenhagen, Denmark 


Chemnitz, Germany

  •  Custom luminaire