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Lively, vibrant and ever changing – our enthusiasm for cities knows no bounds whether for the diversity of their public spaces, the splendid facades with elegant shopping streets, unique monuments or inviting parks. However it is especially in the evenings that we experience the real magic of the big city – when the light of the Lif gives the fullest expression to urban life.

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A new dimension in versatility

It’s amazing just how flexible the design of a luminaire can be. For the Lif is entirely variable in terms of shape and function. Depending on the lighting task and desired design, the Lif can be individually configured. There are no bounds to your imagination thanks to a wide range of light modules, various mounting elements and additional components for all aspects of urban application.

mounting elements

  • for mounting of facade and twin spot modules or as a design element
  • available in four sizes 250, 500, 1000 and 1500mm
  • can be stacked on top one another
  • can be installed as required rotation between 0-360°
  • optionally with rear cover

Suspension points

Lif facade module

The Lif facade module has been specially developed to ensure precise illumination of all types of architecture. The precise and powerful module guarantees an optimum surface beaming arising from a few light points only. 

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Facade module 
light distribution


Uniform illumination of vertical structures

Diverse light distributions enable highly uniform illumination of facades or vertical structures. The LED light is directed by premium quality optics enabling it to be precisely aligned horizontally and vertically to the facade being illuminated which prevents unwanted scatter light effect. 

Pleasant, calming appearance

Facade modules can be installed with their mounting elements at an off set between 0 and 360° around their own axis as required, enabling the simultaneous realization of various lighting directions.  The integration of different light modules on a single pole ensures a pleasant, calming appearance for the surrounding environment – as does the option of aligning several identical Lif columns to the line of reference.

Lif twinspot module

Module with two spotlights for assembly in every Lif mounting element with various positioning options. The Lif twinspot module can be used in all four mounting elements. It enables the creation of settings or precise spotlighting of important objects, monuments or landmarks. Spot or medium beam characteristics are available with the Lif twinspot module.

Lif twinspot module

  • twinspot module for spotlighting of objects
  • for assembly in Lif mounting elements with various positioning option 
  • with mounting element rotation between 0 and 360°
  • +/- 45° pivotable
  • spot and medium light distribution

Lif top element

The top element adds an additional high-performance component to the Lif light column for the lighting of squares and pathways in urban environments. It is a continuation of the Lif’s cylindrical shape, rounding off the column with a highly stylish element that ensures a succinct, highly aesthetic appearance. The top element is available with a double or quadruple Tritec Optic depending on lighting requirements and the height of the column.

Colour up the city

The Lif can be used with coloured light for accentuation and information in the everyday life of the city. The Lif accent element can be used for communication and to create light settings of all types, for example to emphasize guidance from traffic control systems, provide information on an electromobility charging device or to impressively display a company’s corporate colours or those of a local sporting club.

Fascination options for more than just light

Everything is possible with the Lif. These modules enable a wide range of additional functions to be integrated into the column body such as cameras or speakers, an emergency call unit, an air pollution analysis module or a WIFI hotspot, an advert or a charging station – the new urban light can be tailored perfectly to meet the 24 hour requirements of modern city life.

Selux quality

The finest quality right down to the most minor details. Lif unifies design, lighting technology and mechanical functionality to create a complete symbiosis. This is evident, for example, from the jointless glass terminations on the light modules with their particularly high workmanship and aesthetics. High quality design is maintained throughout all possible configurations. The intricate craftsmanship and use of premium quality materials ensure a long service life for the timelessly elegant Lif. 

Technical information


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Every LED luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

5 year warranty on project registration at


place de peuple saint-étienne


  • Lif system luminaire with Tritec Optic quadruple, one Twinspot module and one open mounting element



  •  Lif and Olivio system luminaires

church square delbrueck


  • Lif system luminaire with Tritec Optic double and one Twinspot module

car showroom potsdam


  • Lif system luminaire with Tritec Optic quadruple and three Twinspot modules

amorepacific headquarter seoul

 South Korea

  • Lif system luminaire with two twinspot modules each in one mounting element