State-of-the-art lighting technology - iconic shape

Design and Performance

A refreshing and innovative interpretation of an iconic shape: With its clear lines, the Mistella blends harmoniously both into modern and classical architectural environments, offering everything lighting planners and users could wish for: Outstanding lighting engineering properties for a variety of lighting situations, combined with an appealing architectural design.

Wide range of light distributions

Gen5 LED lighting technology is a proprietary Selux development that enables the widest variety of light distributions and outstanding visual comfort. The patented technology uses silicone lenses for light control. 

Zero Uplight

Thanks to the innovative, high-precision Gen5 optics, Mistella generates no disruptive light scatter and consequently protects the night sky from light pollution.

Three light colours


Save energy and costs

Mistella luminaires can be switched and dimmed via a DALI interface. Through the use of intelligent controls, the light is controlled according to need and individually.

Pedestrian Pathway and Plaza

With the variety of distribution types, Mistella increases visual comfort and meets stringent lighting requirements. Create a positive influence on the visual experience, lessen the impact on the environment and provide safety and security through high quality lighting.

Residential and Roadway

Mistella is the perfect solution for residential areas and thoroughfares where requirements for visual comfort are high. 

Technical Information


Show overview

Service and Warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

Selux Quality

Mistella features its own Signature Pole, a round pole with flats on two sides, which continues the design detail from luminaire arms to pole base. Choose this option for the ultimate luminaire and pole assembly.