Versatility of function
and design

Maximum scope for design

Olivio enables planners to create impressive shemes that are ideally harmonised with the surrounding environment using individual, self-configured luminaire forms.

Three luminaire dimensions

Piccolo / Medio / Grande

Light distribution

Rotation-symmetrical and asymmetrical optics for       

  • horizontal and vertical lighting tasks      
  • roads and pathways

3000/4000K optics

Precisely bundled light and high visual comfort using an optimised reflector geometry and deeply recessed light sources. 

RGBW LED optics

Precise bundled light within the optical unit using a ring-shaped LED arrangement in a rotation-symmetric free form reflector.

RGBW LED optics

  • versatility of colour
  • dynamic and static light scenes via DALI or DMX
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Camera and loudspeaker

Olivio Grande offers enough space for  discreet integration of different systems.

Technical information


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Service and warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied later on that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

  • 5 year warranty on project registration at

Selux quality

State-of-the-art, long-life materials.

Design line

  • arrangement of luminaire heads around the pole's axis between 0° and 360° - one one or various staggered levels
  • three kind of brackets
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 Moenchengladbach, Germany

  • Olivio Sistema


 Berlin, Germany

  • Olivio Sistema

Radboud university 

 Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • Olivio Sistema, Universal

the Old Port

Marseille, France

  •  Olivio Sistema

children's hostpital
alder hay

 Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Olivio Sistema

place de la république

 Paris, France

  • Olivio Sistema

Design line

  • arrangement of luminaire heads around the pole: full, half or quarter radial
  • individual colour selections for luminaire head, pole and inlay 


Grossraeschen, Germany

  •  Olivio Floracion, Exelia, Artika


 Hamburg, Germany

  • Olivio Floracion

pedestrian zone

 Agen, France

  • Olivio Floracion

park am gleisdreieck

Berlin, Germany
  •  Olivio Floracion

porsche museum

Stuttgart, Germany

  •  Olivio Floracion

Design line Candelabra

  • 1-fold
  • 2-fold (120° and 180°)
  • 3-fold


 Shanghai, China

  • Olivio Candelabra

lido auebad

Kassel, Germany

  • Olivio Candelabra

quai gillet

Lyon, France

  •  Olivio Candelabra


 Toronto, Canada

  • Olivio Bollard

lido Auebad

 Kassel, Germany

  • Olivio Bollard

les thermes

Luxembourg, Belgium

  •  Olivio Bollard

höfe am Brühl

Leipzig, Germany

  •  Olivio Floracion / Olivio Universal

water's edge promenade

 Toronto, Canada

  •  Custom solution with wooden pole

Place du gros tilleul

 Samoens, France

  • Olivio individual