Unique Design for urban Spaces 

Individuality and aesthetics in harmony with nature

With Olivio Wood, you can create new, comfortable accents in outside areas, thereby creating locations with a distinctive identity. Living spaces, harmonized with nature. Olivio Wood combines sustainable wood with durable aluminium in special surface colours – attractive and ecological at the same time.

Wood — a renewable and attractive resource

For Olivio Floracion Wood poles, we use premium-quality, robust pine wood from sustainable forests.

Carefully selected wood qualities

The correct choice of wood is key to attaining optimal technical characteristics. As well as being a sustainable raw material, wood is also highly-resistant, moisture-regulating, lightweight and robust at the same time – ideal as a construction material for all types of architecture. A special weather-proof glaze preserves the natural beauty of the material in the long term.

Just the right shade

Six different shades of wood mean Olivio Wood can be coordinated to all architectural contexts – three graduated brown shades for a particularly warm and natural effect and three shades of grey for a neutral look in urban spaces.

Individual colours that can be adapted to the architecture

Warmer or cooler coloured lights can be combined as required so they are coordinated to the surroundings and the shade of the wooden pole.

The luminaires — inspired by nature

The organic design of the Olivio is inspired by archetypes from nature. These form the basis for lighting concepts in urban living areas where the focus is on the well-being of people. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo.

The lighting technology — precise and flexible

Our tried-and-tested lighting technology provides additional benefits in the new Wood variant.  Various optics and light colours from 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K RGBW cater for demanding lighting tasks efficiently and without glare, including illumination of paths and squares, spotlighting of façades and accent lighting of buildings.

The light distributions — symmetrical and asymmetrical

Stimulate urban areas with projection effects

With their premium quality optics, Olivio gobo projectors enable logos, graphics, texts, photographs etc. to appear as projected light images in urban areas. To enable the size of the projection to be coordinated precisely to the distance between luminaire and projection area, lenses are available in four focal widths.

Ready for the

smart city

And needless to say, Olivio Wood is ideally prepared for the integration of smart city functions – from sensors, cameras and loudspeakers to tele-management of lighting.

Technical information


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Service for Generations

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

The best solutions are devised together

We look forward to helping you to implement your vision and making our urban spaces more sustainable and attractive.