Light shapes our environment - it is time to think new.

Sustainable, high quality, and lasting for generations.

Our world is in transition.

City life is changing and is posing new challenges.


Our means of transport are changing.


Cities are becoming more livable.


Perceived opposites are coming back together:

Nature and city.


Perceived opposites are coming back together:

Light and darkness.


Lighting is becoming an element of smart infrastructure.       

It guides and informs.

It protects and thinks, but does not step into the foreground.


Improving the quality of life with light: That is our passion.


Individuality and aesthetics in harmony with nature are what drive us.


Our tools: A comprehensive knowledge of technology and materials as well as the enthusiasm to think new.


Lighting technology

Our heart. Direct light and design with it. See and be seen. Show and tell. Light has a high emotional factor. We look at rooms and their tasks individually. We use our products to enhance a room’s design and underline the room’s character.


Accentuating with light becomes even more precise. Illuminating architectural spaces without stray light and with minimal impact on nature. 

Wildlife preservation

We develop warmer lighting using lower colour temperatures and tinted reflectors which protects insects.

Visual comfort and efficiency

Balanced at the highest level: Optics optimized for either visual comfort or efficiency set the priorities for each application.


Light adapts to the circumstances: It is there when you need it and stays when you want it.


We do not think in years, but in decades. Deciding on a Selux product is a decision of a lifetime. This is our perspective when we design for sustainability: From the product concept, to the after-sales service, down to the certainty that lights and parts can be replenished in the long term.


Design for generations. Functional and sustainable. The timeless industrial design of our luminaires reflects this attitude. We believe that luminaires should fit in our world as integral components – and they should shine.


The outdoors is a living space. We break new ground with materials such as wood and special surfaces, creating a timeless and homey ambiance. Natural materials create security and well-being, show identity and strength.


We design products which utilize current technological possibilities, while at the same time allow for future developments.


Our products are modular and therefore enable flexible solutions. Tomorrow’s outdoor lighting integrates sensors, measures environmental data, connects and informs. 


Global solutions for internationally operating partners. Selux, a team of 400 employees worldwide. You have an idea. We implement it.


Our globally networked production system with locations in Germany, France and the USA creates the framework within which our local employees can apply their skills. These local skills ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


The best solutions are developed together, by listening and understanding. Open, creative and with a high level of competence.

Digital dialog

We inform and communicate, systematically and digitally. With web-based configurators, digital product data, documentation and much more.


We are conscious of our economic, ecological and social responsibility towards future generations and act accordingly. Our belief in sustainable development is embedded in the entire supply chain.

for representative areas


for representative areas

for decorative areas


for decorative areas

for functional areas


for functional areas

Light                             for refurbishment of existing luminaires


Individualized solutions


World Trade Center Memorial, New York

Photographer: Ines Long, Archphoto

Pariser Platz am Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Photographer: Linus Littner

Alter Hafen, Marseille

Photographer: Xavier Boymond

Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney

Photographer: Dave Wicks, DMWCreative

Grachten Luminaires, Amsterdam

Photographer: Marcus Bollen

London City Island

Photographer: Amphitype

Prater Wien

 Photographer: Werner Huthmacher


 Photographer: Werner Nystrand

Waterfront Eastbund,

 Photographer: Zilu Wang