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For more than 70 Years, we at Selux have been asking ourselves how to illuminate special places.


How does light have to work in order to provide safety and orientation? How does light have to work to create beauty?


To answer these essential questions, we sometimes have to think radically new.


Nature provides us with the answers.


In Nature, everything is in harmony. Everything complements each other. Nothing domionates permanently.


Nature knows no monoculture. Nothing is fashionable and everything that is not useful disappears.


The result is perfect protagonists, which exist in interaction with each other...
And are constantly optimising themselves.


What must a product look like?
How does it behave and how does the luminaire fit into its environment?


A central insight for us is that timelessness is the best form of sustainablility.

Because timeless products survive years and decades and are therefore always sustainable.

We want to create products that we will still find beautiful in decades to come and that work perfectly.


Landscape design

We want to help designers create subtly layered public spaces that are natural, simple and authentic in form and function. Timeless and inclusive places.


Design intended for generations.
Functional und sustainable.
Our attitude is reflected in timeless industrial design. We believe that luminaires should fit into our living spaces as integral components - but should also be allowed to set design accents.

Lighting quality

Our heart. Directing light and designing with it. People-friendly light that takes different activities into accoúnt and adapts flexible to needs. Our lighting tools support this. They help strengthen local identities and enhance the quality of life.

Comfort and Performance

For personal needs, many of our optics are available in two versions:
"Performance" variants, which are more performance-driven, and "Comfort" variants with light-widening apertures that guarantee special visual comfort. In this way, the standard can be effectively fulfilled with wide pole spacings and areas with low mounting hights and a special demand for visual comfort can be illuminated in a people-friendly way.

Nature and animal welfare

We develop light that has a warmer effect due to low colour temperatures and tinted reflectors, thus protecting wildlife. In all our new products, we also offer optics with less than 1% stray light content to make the starry sky visible again.


Outdoor space is living space. We break new ground with materials such as wood and special surfaces to create a timeless, homely ambience. Natural materials create a sense of security and well-beeing, show identity and strenght.


 The conversion of sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaics is becoming increasingly important. Solar electricity is not only sustainable from en economical point of view, it is now also competitive from an economical point of view.


It is our claim to design products in such a way that they exploit the current technological possibilities and at the same time are open to further developements.

Our Products


Light for representative areas


Light for decorative areas


Light for functional areas


Selux innovations


Tritec Optic Ambience & Sky


Tritec Ambience - light worth looking at

 With its higher proportion of vertical light and its soft transitions, Tritec Ambience is particulary suitable for inner city living spaces.
The brightened facades create an airy and light atmosphere - and the inner cities shine in timeless splendour.

Tritec Sky - going the extra mile in terms of precision

Tritec Sky designs living spaces that are sensual and distinctive.
Tritec Sky sets lighting accents that bring shapes, colours and textures to life. With its warm and accentuating character, it creates a harmonious atmosphere without detracting from the natural beauty of the surroundings and the night sky.

Aira - the staging of light


Lif - the new light of the city


Elo - pure light surrounding buildings


Lukida - Solar Luminaires - sustainablility in a nutshell


Antares -
Solar luminaires -
sustainability in a nutshell


Line -
minimised to the max - lighting for roads, paths and squares from a vertical line


Line -
minimised to the max - lighting for roads, paths and squares from a vertical line.


Line -
minimised to the max - lighting for roads, paths and squares from a vertical line


Olivio -
individuality and aesthetics


Some references


World Trade Center Memorial, New York


Pariser Platz am Brandenburger Tor, Berlin


Alter Hafen,


Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney


Grachten luminaires, Amsterdam


London City Island


Prater Wien


Waterfront Lillsjöplan, Jönköping


Jewish Museum, Frankfurt am Main


New Port,


Place du peuple,
Saint-Étienne, France


Technology Museum, Berlin


Lif Hourglass
Saint-Étienne, France


King Abdulaziz Center, Saudi Arabia


The East Bund,


Facts and figures

  •  Founded in Berlin in 1948
  • Acquired by CMP in 2019
  • 450 emloyees worldwide
  • 3 production sites in Germany, France and the USA
  • Subsidiaries in France, Austria, Sweden, Benelux, England and Australia
  • Additional agancies worldwide
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001

Qur values, our themes and the complete range of luminaires can be found in the Selux Book or at