The LinE – Revolutionary Sustainable

Minimized to the Max

The new Line luminaire family takes a tadical approach to sustainability: a timeless, minimalist design for a long service with reduced material consumption and high lighting quality. It is based on a completely rethought basic concept that forgoes a conventional luminaire head and integrates the optics as a vertical line in the pole.

Light­ing for streets, paths and squares all from one ver­ti­cal line

This innovative style allows a completely new aesthetic impact to unfold and achieves new clarity in urban spaces.

Lateral mounted and top modules for poles

The Line universal toolkit also includes vertical, linear optic modules for mounting on or on top of existing poles. Streets and paths can thus be outfitted with innovative lighting technology cost-effectively.

Lighting to envelop buildings

With the right choice of material and optics, the extremely reduced form of Line fits like a glove with architecture. The bollard, wall-integrated and wall-mounted luminaires in this series are thus the perfect tools for lighting buildings close up.

Timeless and efficient

Cre­ated for time­less appli­ca­tions with a high demand for light­ing quality. Thanks to the mod­u­lar con­struc­tion and smart func­tion­al­ity, plan­ning with the Line has no bound­aries.

- Light columns/Pole luminaires max. 7000mm
- Bollards 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm
- Wall-recessed and surface-mounted luminaires

The scaling of light

The optic modules are available in four module sizes with light outputs scaled accordingly. The modules have innovative microfacetted gold or silver reflector systems with engineered light distribution to illuminate streets, paths, squares and parks.

Max light outputs:

6000lm - M12
3000lm - M6
1500lm  - M3
500lm    - M1

Performance and

To meet individual needs all the optics are available in two different versions: a performance version that is, performance-driven lumen output and efficiency, and a Comfort design with light guiding louvers, which guarantee exceptional visual comfort. This ensures efficient compliance with lighting standards even when using widely spaced poles, and allows areas with lower mounting heights and higher requirement in terms of visual comfort to also be illuminated in a people -friendly way


A single optic creates pure light for asymmetric illumination. Three standard light distributions are available:

  • asymmetric wide
  • asymmetric medium S
  • asymmetric S

Asymmetric + pathway

Two optics in a single light point illuminate both the street and pathways in compliance with standards.


Combining two optics in a column creates symmetric illumination.

4 Light colors


Protection for nature and animal kingdom

Golden reflec­tors com­bined with warm light colours like 2200 K or 2700 K con­sider the needs of wildlife and ensure a pleas­ant light­ing mood and a sense of well-being. Thanks to pre­ci­sion optics, the Line does not pro­duce any dis­turb­ing stray light and thus pro­tects pri­vate spaces and the night sky from light pol­lu­tion.

Diversity of materiality and colour

In addition to steel, there is also a special edition concrete-look finish for the Line. The look of both materials can be customised to no end. A comprehensive palette of colours allows different characteristics to be achieved, from harmonious colour tones to contrast-rich accents, as well as a choice of surface finishes such as matte, gloss or a metallic effect.

Intelligent and future-proof

Impor­tant Smart City func­tions can be installed via an optional Zhaga inter­face.

If required, the optics can also be easily exchanged, making them future-proof.

Also suitable for the use with control, to regulate the lighting needs-based and additionally save energy and costs.

Sustainable value chain

The com­po­nents of the Line are sourced almost exclu­sively in Ger­many – short travel dis­tances allow for even more sus­tain­abil­ity. We man­u­fac­ture the lumi­naire in our own fac­tory near Pots­dam. How­ever, on request, we also sup­port the research for local man­u­fac­tur­ing part­ners in their region to ensure that the steel com­pone­nents of the Line (mast, gear tray, con­nec­tions) is man­u­fac­tured locally. In this case, Selux sup­plies the optics, the dri­vers and the know-how.

We offer a 20-year guar­an­tee for the deliv­ery of spare parts.