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Life in smart cities: Charge + Light by Selux

Char­ging sta­ti­ons rather than petrol sta­ti­ons — in urban envi­ron­ments, local public-access char­ging sta­ti­ons for elect­ric vehic­les are inc­re­asingly in demand. To help create a char­ging inf­rast­ruc­ture over a suf­fi­ci­ently wide area, Selux lumi­na­ire poles have been con­ver­ted from pure ligh­ting struc­tu­res into all-round smart sys­tems where char­ging and ligh­ting, char­ging point and lumi­na­ire pole are fused into one.

  • Pole charging station professional

Pole charging station professional

Pole charging station professional

Char­ging sta­tion type Pro­fes­si­onal Const­ruc­tion vandal resis­tant ∙ housing made of alu­mi­nium ∙ pol­yu­ret­hane Power 3,7kW ∙ 11kW ∙ 22kW Equ­ip­ment Smart Meter (eHZ EDL 2140) with ground plate and opti­cal inter­face ∙ char­ging socket type 2 with shut­ter ∙ RFID card reader ∙ QR-Code ∙ reser­va­tion func­tion ∙ FI/​LS-​breaker ∙ func­ti­onal LED ring (char­ging status disp­lay) Opti­ons over­vol­tage pro­tec­tion

Motion-controlled Light
Control of individual light spots
Light management system
Adaptive lighting
Collection of environmental data
Public wi-fi hotspots
Modules for public safety
Public information systems
Traffic- and parking space management
Charging of electrical cars
Charge + Light - Lademodul für Maste
  • technically possible
  • partial integration possible
  • not possible

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