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A flat, disc-shaped lumi­na­ire housing held up by two slim, V-shaped arms; Mis­tella is a fresh and inno­va­tive interp­re­ta­tion of an iconic pole-top lumi­na­ire shape. Its clear pro­por­ti­ons and fluid tran­si­ti­ons illust­rate the atten­tion to detail of the Selux desig­ners. With its ele­gant appe­arance, Mis­tella is ideal for ligh­ting roads and foot­paths, as well as for low traf­fic zones, public spaces, parks, or other gre­ens­pa­ces, and blends har­mo­ni­o­usly into a vari­ety of arc­hi­tec­tu­ral con­te­xts. Mis­tella uses Gen5 LED ligh­ting tech­no­logy with sili­cone lenses for light cont­rol. Along with effi­ci­ency and pre­ci­sion, Gen5 offers first-class visual com­fort, reli­ably pre­ven­ting dis­rup­tive scat­te­ring of light upwards or into adja­cent buil­dings. The ample choice of light dist­ri­bu­ti­ons con­sists of seve­ral stan­dards-based, asym­met­ri­cal throws for roads and pat­h­ways, as well as dif­fuse opti­ons. Ava­ilable in three color tem­pe­ra­tu­res – 2700 K, 3000 K, and 4000 K – enab­les the tone of the light to be adap­ted to the desi­red situ­ation or ambi­ence. Mis­tella is also smart-city ready, meaning it can be integ­ra­ted into intel­li­gent ligh­ting sce­na­rios via integ­ral cont­rol devi­ces and inter­fa­ces.

  • Mistella



Construction aluminium die-cast Optics Gen5 optic Light source LED 2700 K · 3000K · 4000 K Luminous flux max. 6000lm Light distribution asymm. (Standard, Wide, Narrow) · Street and Walkway · symm. Round, Rectengular, Square Mounting pole top luminaire Recommended pole height 3,500 - 5,000 mm Finish Selux graphit or special finish Options controls: HNS, Dyn, AmpDim, DALI Certifications IP65 · IK09

Motion-controlled Light
Control of individual light spots
Light management system
Adaptive lighting
Collection of environmental data
Public wi-fi hotspots
Modules for public safety
Public information systems
Traffic- and parking space management
Charging of electrical cars
Charge + Light - Lademodul für Maste
  • technically possible
  • partial integration possible
  • not possible

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