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Pro­jec­tion Size Cal­cu­la­tor

With its glass gobos the Lif Gobo spot­light enab­les a diverse range of fas­ci­na­ting pro­jec­ti­ons in public spaces. Logos, grap­hics, texts and pho­tog­raphs are pro­jec­ted in maxi­mum quality. The glass gobos are highly durable even when in per­ma­nent pro­fes­si­onal use and retain their color well over many years.

Distance (m) Size (m)
1 m 25 m
0.2 m
Focal Length Imagesize
extrawide 45 mm optional recommended
wide 63 mm optional recommended
standard 85 mm optional recommended
tele 135 mm optional recommended
Distance (m) Size (m)

Vari­ous lenses are ava­ilable, depen­ding on the dis­tance from the lumi­na­ire to the pro­jec­tion sur­face and the size of pro­jec­tion requ­ired.

Stan­dard (85mm focal lens)
A medium focal lenght is suitable for most situ­ati­ons. The stan­dard lens gene­ra­tes a pro­jec­tion witch a diame­ter of approx. 4.5 m from a dis­tance of 10 m.

Tele­foto (135mm focal lens)
A telep­hoto lens with a large focal length enab­les a smal­ler pro­jec­tion with more inten­sive light. Telep­hoto lenses enable bright pro­jec­ti­ons across large dis­tan­ces. From a dis­tance of 10 m it pro­du­ces a pro­jec­tion of approx. 2.5 m diame­ter.

Wide angle (63mm focal lens)
A wide-angle lens inc­re­ases the sub­ject. The light quan­tity is dist­ri­bu­ted over a larger area and the pro­jec­tion appe­ars darker. From a dis­tance of 10 m it pro­du­ces a pro­jec­tion of about 6.5 m diame­ter.

Extra wide (45mm focal lens)
Such an object per­mits an extra-large focal length for par­ti­cu­larly small dis­tan­ces from the pro­jec­tion sur­face. It pro­du­ces a pro­jec­tion of app­ro­xi­ma­tely 8.75 m diame­ter from a dis­tance of 10 m.

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