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In a bea­uti­ful place – The per­fec­tion of nature and the beauty of our world

Light for gene­ra­ti­ons

The design voca­bu­lary of nature is ext­re­mely comp­lex but not stri­king. Not­hing in nature is out of place, no stone in the wrong posi­tion: nature itself, howe­ver it appe­ars, is neces­sa­rily bea­uti­ful. Anyt­hing that doesn’t work or is superf­lu­ous is devo­ured by the weat­her or evo­lu­tion. What rema­ins is cla­rity, endu­rance and rene­wal.

What we do, under­take or pro­duce must be per­ma­nent and still make sense deca­des from now. This is how the world will remain a bea­uti­ful place for us. We have the tech­ni­cal oppor­tu­ni­ties, reso­ur­ces and kno­w­ledge for this.

Let’s get star­ted, let’s get on with it!

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