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Light for Generations

Semper lux — always light. When Hermann Bansbach founded his company in Berlin after the war, the city was devastated and deprived of electricity and light. Mr. Bansbach made the life of Berliners easier with his simple, affordable battery charger, thereby illuminating a dark period in history. He firmly believed in the social and cultural significance of light, something which went far beyond the merely commercial. It is an attitude we have retained to the present day; living this fascination with light and using sophisticated concepts to provide genuine improvements in the quality of life of others. Consequently, we changed our name from Semperlux to Selux – signalling the transformation from a Berlin artisan workshop into a company with 400 dedicated staff at sites in Europe, North America and throughout the world.

We think in deca­des rather than years.
We at Selux have been desig­ning, pro­du­cing, and suppl­ying pro­ducts that define urban spaces for deca­des now and we will con­ti­nue to do so in the deca­des to come. For us, pro­duct lifecyc­les of more than 50 years are normal. So accor­dingly, our aim is to design pro­ducts that are sus­ta­inable too. We are cons­ci­ous of our eco­no­mic, eco­lo­gi­cal and social res­pon­si­bi­lity towards future gene­ra­ti­ons and act accor­dingly. Our belief in sus­ta­inable deve­lop­ment is embed­ded in our entire supply chain.

Imp­ro­ving the quality of life with light: That is our pas­sion.

Our heart. Direct light and design too.
Light has a high emo­ti­onal factor. We look at spaces and their tasks indi­vi­du­ally. We use our pro­ducts to enhance the design of a space and emp­ha­sise its cha­rac­ter. Optics opti­mi­sed for either visual com­fort or effi­ci­ency set the pri­ori­ties with each app­li­ca­tion. A pitch-black night sky with glis­te­ning stars is much more than just the per­fect backg­ro­und for desig­ning urban space using light. A dark sky is impor­tant for natu­ral bio-rhythms too and, con­se­qu­ently, for the well-being of humans, ani­mals and plants. For this reason, we deve­lop optics with pre­cise light that enab­les more tar­ge­ted accen­tu­ation of light and warmer light using lower colour tem­pe­ra­tu­res and tinted ref­lec­tors, which pro­tects wild­life. Light that adapts itself to the pre­va­iling con­di­ti­ons: that is there when needed and takes a back seat when requ­ired.

‪Indi­vi­du­ality and aest­he­tics in har­mony with nature are what drive us.

We design living spaces – with sop­his­ti­ca­ted ligh­ting solu­ti­ons in a unique design.
Our pro­ducts are modu­lar and incor­po­rate smart com­po­nents, the­reby enab­ling future-com­pa­tible, fle­xible ligh­ting solu­ti­ons. The time­less indust­rial design of our lumi­na­ires ref­lects our atti­tude. We beli­eve that lumi­na­ires should fit into our world as integ­ral com­po­nents – and that their design should shine too. We use mate­ri­als such as wood and spe­cial sur­fa­ces, bre­aking new ground and cre­ating a time­less, homely ambi­ence. Natu­ral mate­ri­als create secu­rity and well-being, enhan­cing iden­tity and strength. We design pro­ducts which uti­lize the latest tech­no­lo­gi­cal pos­si­bi­li­ties and which at the same time allow for future deve­lop­ments. Deci­ding on a Selux pro­duct is a deci­sion of a life­time. This is our pers­pec­tive when we design for sus­ta­ina­bi­lity: from the pro­duct con­cept, to after-sales ser­vice, down to the assu­rance that lights and parts can be rep­le­nis­hed in the long term.

Our tools: A comp­re­hen­sive kno­w­ledge of tech­no­logy and mate­ri­als as well as the ent­hu­si­asm to think new.

Global solu­ti­ons for inter­na­ti­onally ope­ra­ti­onal part­ners.
Our glo­bally net­wor­ked pro­duc­tion system with loca­ti­ons in Ger­many, France and the USA cre­ates a fra­me­work within which our local emp­lo­yees can apply their skills. These local skills ensure the hig­hest stan­dards of quality and crafts­mans­hip. The best solu­ti­ons are deve­lo­ped toget­her, by lis­te­ning and unders­tan­ding – open, cre­ative and with a high level of com­pe­tence. Selux – a team of 400 emp­lo­yees worl­d­wide. You have the idea. We imp­le­ment it.

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